Factors Heavily Influence The Quality of Medical Marijuana

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These 5 Factors Heavily Influence The Quality of Medical Marijuana

Before the advent of medical science, herbal concoctions and raw herbs were the only available medicines. The use of medical marijuana dates back to five thousand years when a Chinese Emperor first used it to treat malaria, rheumatism and absent-mindedness.

Over the years, it’s been adopted by several countries for the treatment of various diseases. It has turned out to be an effective solution in treating chronic pains, muscle spasms, seizures, Alzheimer and glaucoma.

Canada stands as the second country to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes as per the Cannabis Act. While the use of medical marijuana is gaining popularity among people, the concern regarding quality is pertinent. Here are five most important factors that affect the quality of medical marijuana.

1. Safe Synthesis Process

This is an important factor to consider while buying medical marijuana from a dealer. You need to ensure that your product is grown and stored in a safe and clean environment.

The facility should be monitored to ensure that it is in compliance with the Food and Drugs Act (FDA), Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) and Narcotic Controlled Regulations (NCR). There should be a biosecure facility that ensures environmental control, quality assurance and a pest free environment 24/7.

The facility should also ensure a controlled procedure-driven cultivation, testing and processing systems as per the standards declared by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  regulations.

2. Extraction Process

The extraction process implemented during production affects the outcome of the final product.  The extraction methods that rely on butane leave a residual taste, which masks the flavor and smell of the product.

However, it is necessary to consider that the solvent after cannabis extraction offers a higher THC content. The natural extraction methods produce a solventless marijuana product with a lower THC content.

3. Use of Good Quality Buds

Use of low quality buds lead to a batch with lesser concentration of marijuana, which ultimately affects the overall quality of the product. Producers often tend to use leftovers and trimmings to create concentrates in order to make use of the unusable cannabis.

4. Water Content

The moisture content is yet another critical factor. It should fall in the range of 6% to 15%. If marijuana exceeds this limit, there is a high risk for contamination by microorganisms. The water activity should be checked before the product is further processed.

5. Pesticide Testing

Under Section 12 of the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (ACMPR), producers cannot use any kind of pesticides for the production or cultivation of cannabis and legal charges would be pressed against any producer found using any kind of pesticides.


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